Caroline + Lee

Scotland, United Kingdom

Picture this: You're wanting to marry the love of your life while wandering through various different landscapes, ranging from the coast to the mountains to ancient castle ruins, all while your pup tags along. You just recently moved to the perfect place to make this happen. The Isle of Skye. You dawn a gorgeous white gown, suit and tie, grab a jacket and shawl, pack up your van and drive to Torrin for sunrise. Your journey begins here. It starts to rain softly as you read your vows to each other. Then. as you drink from the quaich, the rain picks up and you succumb to the elements, letting your hair and clothes get wet, all while walking hand in hand through these gorgeous landscapes.

To me, this is the stuff of fairytales. And yet, I got to experience it firsthand with Caroline, Lee, and their sweet pup Nuala. Through rainfall and sunshine, we adventured through the Scottish Highlands together to document their love.  


No story is one and the same. Yours will be finessed to share your unique journey.